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Friday, August 26, 2011

Spring has sprung! ...

I know it's not officially Spring yet but Spring has definately arrived at our place. The garden is filled with birds. We have birds with babies nesting in our eaves. I have been watching momma bird dash to and fro to feed her little ones. Birds abound in our garden all year round but at present we are blessed by the prescence of honeyeaters, finches, willie wagtails, magpies, plovers,doves and a pretty blue fairy wren and his mate. Of course we also have our quota of pesky sparrows and starlings.
I get great pleasure watching the garden change it's clothes with the seasons. The trees bud and blossom and the orchard is bursting with new life at present. Flowers on the plums and quinces and buds appearing on some of the other later blooming fruit trees. I wandered out to the garden earlier this week and took a few photos to share.

I hope Spring is bringing you joy at your place too.

wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. Spring always brings me joy - the daffodil season is all too short for my liking. Thank you for sharing the spring at your home and in your heart.

    I hope you enjoy watching nature and the rolling of the seasons.

    Love and hugs,

  2. How much would I love a garden like yours so very beautiful!!

  3. How weird... that you're talking about the birds to-ing and fro-ing just like l did in my post today and this is the first time l've seen your post!!! Must be the collective consciousness thing.... Your garden pics are fabulous and you have so many different kinds of must sound like a symphony!! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend Helen.

  4. Love your garden pics. Just came by your blog this evening, love all the brooches I love vintage custom jewelry I have a few I should share at dome point.

  5. Loving all of your blooms. I grew up surrounded by fruit blossom, so it takes me back when I see gorgeous images like yours. Pam x

  6. Linda like you I think the daffodil season is way too short. The appearance of the Spring bulbs always brings joy to my heart and lightens my step.I feel the gloom of Winter lift from my shoulders in anticipation of coming sunnier days!

    Nelly I can't claim credit for the lovely garden. Most of it was planted out by my beloved Mr B and his parents before him. When Mr B and I first met I loved coming up here and strolling around the garden and orchard. It always gave me such a sense of peace. Now I am spoilt and can enjoy it every day and it's wonderful! :)

    Bron I thought the same thing about our posts lol. I have also seen a few other bloggers with similar posts up. It's funny how that so often happens. We do get an enormous range of birds here. The species change with the seasons and then of course there are those that live with us year round. We live at the top of a big hill and often see birds of prey enjoying the updrafts.(both eagles and smaller kites and hawks) The cockies come in to devour the almonds in season and the fruit.The little birds sing daily and really are a wonderful part of our daily lives.

    My Vintage Wow welcome and thanks for commenting. Please do share your costume jewellery. I know I would love to see it and there would be others as well.

    Pam I feel so blessed to have such a lovely home environment. It's the kind of thing I grew up with too and I think that is why I enjoy it so much after living in a bare, (by comparison)typical house block in the city.There is room to walk and think and breathe and it's wonderful.

  7. These are some stunning shots - you have an eye!!

    Jem xXx

  8. It's been beautiful lately with Spring in the air. I do enjoy the birds chirping and seeing everyone's flower in bloom, alas I have not had the time this year so far to add colour to our sad state of a garden. I'm hoping on the school holidays we can get stuck in, at least start on the veggie patch. As we have never had a garden of this size that is ours before we are going slowly. Perhaps next year ours will look almost as lovely as yours.

    Thanks also for all your cleaning tips - gotta love the bi-carb.

  9. Thanks Jem I just wish I had a better camera so I could indulge my creativity a little more!

    Alison you're welcome for the bicarb tip. Go slowly with planning your garden. In my experience it takes about 3-5 years for the garden to really start looking established. Going slowly gives you time to plan, time to experiment a little (on a small scale)and time to make changes if something isn't working. I'm not a 'real' gardener but my dad has green thumbs and a lovely garden I watched him grow.
    Our garden here was mostly planned and planted out by my partner's parents.It's a little overgrown and very weedy and has a lot of shrubs as opposed to flowers. I'd love to get more flowers in. That's the lovely thing about larger gardens, there is always room to change or add things! :)

  10. Your garden looks as divine as your special jewellery. All bringing sparkle and Spring to my day, thank you

  11. Thanks Lynne isn't blogland wonderful for finding things that add joy to our days?