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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday trinkets 15...

Some real beauties to share today. Hope you all enjoy them. I managed to convince my daughter to model for me this week. I'm not so sure about the pink background though! When she realised one photograph was going to include her face she grumbled that I could have told her and she would have brushed her hair LOL.
First up are these gorgeous vintage glass bangles. I'm not 100% sure what era they are from but I believe they may be from the 1920s-1930s. I love the colours and they have such a wonderful 'feel'. They cost me a lot more than I usually pay for my jewellery but I knew these were special from the moment I first saw them.

I think these two bracelets are more modern pieces. The blue one is marked Avon.

This glorious double strung choker is from the 1950s/1960s. It is made from cut glass beads and coated with aurora borealis. It has the most divine clasp at the back. When I first saw it I thought it looked older but the AB coating on the beads dates it to at least early 1950s.
Crystal drop earrings. Not sure of their vintage but who cares, they are so pretty!

Unusual multi coloured necklace. 1950s or later. Note the gorgeous brass findings on the ends of the beads. This necklace also has a pretty dangle.

More cut glass beads. This necklace is longer than many and I am unsure of its age.
Lovely violet coloured necklace. The beads are glass and aurora borealis coated. At least 1950s vintage but could be more modern.
A brooch I found in the box. Unmarked, vintage unknown. My best guess would be 1960s+
A little whimsical watering can brooch. Unmarked but beautifully made. The leaves are enamelled and the roses are just perfectly modelled in what looks like some type of ceramic. The can itself appears to be made of a pewter like metal.
This bracelet has the swan mark on it. (Swarkovski) I am unsure of it's vintage.
This necklace is a strange piece.It is beautifully made of pastel diamantes and pastel opaque glass. It is unmarked. The back is as beautifully finished as the front, a sign of quality.The pastel colouring suggests it belongs to the 1950s.
This pretty red necklace has me guessing. It looks old and yet I have a niggling suspicion it may be a more modern piece. A reproduction perhaps or simply a pretty piece from the 1970s post hippy era? Bron any thoughts?
This necklace and earring set is typical of designers such as Lisner and Coro. This set is unmarked and very worn. The lady I purchased this from said it had belonged to her mother in law. 1950s
Gorgeous yellow cut glass necklace. Even the tiny clear spacer beads are cut glass! I'm unsure of it's vintage but plain cut glass was very prevalent pre 1950s before the invention of aurora borealis coating.
My daughter Miss Kate playing ladies and pretending she isn't having a bad hair day! ;)
This necklace and earring set would have been something to see in it's hey day! My photographs do not do justice to the beads. They are cut glass and the remains of their gold coating can be seen in places. In the photograph they appear to be aurora borealis coated but they are not. The coating on the beads is plain gold which has worn off considerably. This probably would have been an expensive set in  it's time and has obviously been well loved. It is unmarked and I would guess it is from the 1940s or 1950s when Hollywood glamour was big.
A beautiful blue Simpson brooch. It was really difficult to get a good photo of this brooch due to the high sparkle of the diamantes! A genuine treasure!
This brooch is unmarked but for some reason I have in mind that it is a Simpson piece as well. Beautifully made and gorgeous quality beads certainly mark it as a designer piece.
I saved my favourite till last today. A beautiful pink parure (set) of necklace, bracelet and earrings. Cut glass and aurora borealis coated this set is undoubtedly from the 1950s. This also belonged to the mother in law of the lady I mentioned above. (How could you bear to part with such a delightful family heirloom?) I hope you have enjoyed today's trinkets. I love the cut glass and crystal jewellery almost more than any other kind. (perhaps except anything with diamantes) It seems so elegant and feminine to me.

wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. Such a lovely display of your much loved trinkets - such special treats for us today and I love the pink you saved til last.

    They are all very lovely and well done Miss Kate - you look gorgeous - such lovely skin to display special treasures.

    Thank you Helen for sharing this collection.

    Love and hugs,

  2. Oh My!!!
    This post of yours had me almost drooling!
    Such gorgeous jewelry
    I own one cut glass necklace I think its about time I get another after seeing this post. Because my eyes were almost popping out of my head.
    I didn't think your daughters hair was bad. She is very pretty and did a great job modeling all the jewelery. =D

  3. Dibs on the green choker if ever you have to sell it lol But I am sure you wont.all your things are gorgeous even the daughter and least she doesnt have hairy modelling arms like me lol

  4. Yay... Tuesday trinkets, where do l start about your's amazing and thank your daughter for the great modelling job, doesn't she look lovely and has great skin. You certainly have collected some fantastic pieces over the years. Faves (though hard to choose)are the green necklace, the pink set and the one you describe as strange is my absolute fave.Have a wonderful rest of your week.

  5. The first lot of bracelets are my favourites! How nice of your daughter to model for you!
    The pink set is divine where do you find all these goodies??

    E :)

  6. More bling! My weakness is them all.
    Your daughter is sweet to help mom out!
    Lady Linda

  7. Loved the display. I think the red necklace is an earlier piece, maybe the 30's. It just doesnt look modern to me. the brooch with the diamond like stone looks earlier than the 60's. Imagine if you will.... Would Jackie Kennedy have worn that? No, so I think it is late 40's early 50's. the orange necklace looks old to me 20's or 30's. I am older than you so I remember a lot of the styles. Ann

  8. I so love Tuesday Trinkets but saved this week till I needed a spark, today is the day! Off to Mum's today.
    Where do you find these people who part with such gorgeous treasures? If they were mine, sorry but keepers for me. I am so glad they ate with you to treasure them

  9. Thanks Linda for coming each week to enjoy my trinkets. You know that I enjoy knowing you get so much pleasure from seeing them.I passed along your comments to Kate.

    Vintage Coconut thanks for your visit and comments. I just love the cut glass so much. Especially when you consider how old many of the pieces are.I often wonder who decided to use the technique for jewellery making first.(note to self - do some research)My daughter was tickled to read the lovely comments about her and says thank you.

    Nelly the green choker would look fabulous on you! Thanks for the compliments for my daughter. She will be walking around with a swelled head lol. (Pssst she does have hairy arms but don't say I told)

    Bron thanks for your comments, love knowing what others fancy.There was just 'something' about that red necklace.My daughter suffers agoraphobia and rarely goes out in the sun so she will probably have lovely skin all of her life. Certainly no sun damage for a long time!

    Em most of my jewellery was purchased on ebay. A lot of it came from the US.Some pieces I picked up for a song and others I paid a lot for.Prices on some vintage jewellery seem to have gone through the roof in recent years and other pieces seem to be a dime a dozen.A lot of it is luck and a little knowledge is helpful. Frankly I bought a lot of 'junk' in my early buying days.I added better pieces as my knowledge grew. Do a search on ebay for vintage jewellery and you will find enough to keep you looking for weeks LOL.

    Lady Linda thanks for commenting and visiting again. The glass bangles are truly special.My daughter is helpful sometimes ;)

    Ann welcome to my blog and thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.I only have a little knowledge which as we all know can be a dangerous thing LOL. I love to learn more about my treasures especially earlier pieces. Although I have done some reading and research it can still be difficult to date a piece.I'm glad to have you say that the red necklace looks possibly as early as the 1930s as that was what I thought but wasn't sure enough to say that.I also thought the orange one might have been older due to the longer length.Hope you will visit again :)

    Lynne I'm with you I really don't know how anyone could part with such beautiful treasures. Glad my trinkets posts bring some sunshine to your day!