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Monday, December 20, 2010

The gifts of Christmas...

I went into town today to finish my Christmas shopping. It was crowded, busy and tedious in the shops but a few short hours later I was exhausted but finished. I tend to buy things early and tuck them away all through the year. Unfortunately this means I often forget about things or one of the kids ends up with more gifts than the other. I know it shouldn't matter and it probably doesn't to them now they are teenagers but I have always fastidiously made sure they each receive the same number of gifts under the tree. Even if it means wrapping a pair of socks to make up an extra gift! Do other mums do this or is it just me?

This year I didn't manage to put too many things away early so had most of my gift shopping to complete today. I have ended up with too many gifts for my son this year so he will be terribly spoiled. Buying gifts had me thinking about the less fortunate today. If you can I hope you will make a donation, place a gift under one of the many charity trees in the shops or donate food or a hamper to a local charity or homeless shelter.  We have always done so when able. I have been on the receiving end of charity before today and know first hand what a difference it can make to needy families. I truly believe in making a difference when and where we can and there is no better time than NOW to give yourself a dose of the warm fuzzies by giving to others. After all isn't that what the true spirit of Christmas is all about?
wishing you sunshine in your shadows

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  1. Lovely sentiments Helen - I miss being at work at this time of year because that's what we did - provided food and gifts for families - lots of it from generous donations from the public. (I worked with the Salvation Army)

    I have seen the need and worked tirelessly to meet that need which is why your post is very meaningful to me.

    Thank you for the sunshine you bring to my shadows.

  2. Thank you Linda. Sometimes I think people really have no idea how many go without, all year through, not just at Christmas. It really hits home when you find yourself in circumstances that mean you have to ask for help. I was devastated the first time I had to swallow my pride and ask for assistance. I wonder how many cannot bring themselves to ask.....and simply keep on going without? Every year no matter how bad things are I am thankful for the simple gifts of a roof over my head and food to eat.