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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Summer Love

Summer is here at last. One of my favourite things about Summer is the stone fruit that comes into season.
We have a small orchard and productive vegetable garden at home and if we can beat the resident possums to them we pick a lovely amount of fresh organically grown fruit at this time of year.
Our strawberries are doing well and we always have a lovely lot of plums. The wildlife got the apricots before we did last year so I am watching them carefully as they develop & ripen. Unfortunately we are missing my favourite - nectarines.I really love nectarines! Really must plant one this coming year!
Our cherries succumbed to the drought so it will be store bought cherries for Christmas this year.
Do you have cherries at Christmas? Which stone fruit is your Summer love?
Wishing you sunshine in your shadows

Photograph my own


  1. CHERRIES CHERRIES CHERRIES - they are beautiful and so special and so yummy - my next favourite fruit would be peaches. A lovely blog.

  2. The only cherries we get at Christmas are in a tin lol. Beautiful photo - and lol at the possums. Looking out of my window today all I can see are a couple of sparrows.

  3. Linda I love peaches but prefer tinned. I can't cope with the fuzzy skins.
    Lainey we only get Cherries at Christmas and they are a relatively expensive fruit. Of course our seasons are upside down to yours.Brrrrr poor wee sparrows. Don't they freeze to death?