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Monday, December 13, 2010

How did that happen?......

My baby girl turned 18 today. I am sure all parents can relate to my question of how did that happen?
It only seems like yesterday she was a baby in my arms, a busy toddler playing dolls and dress ups or building trains and lego. I missed puberty as she was living with her father at that time. She returned home to me as a fully fledged teenager at age 14. Kate has always been old for her years and a very unique individual.

She celebrated her 18th in her own individual style today, an outing to the second hand bookshop where she enjoyed a big spending spree on foreign language books. Kate has Aspergers syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder. Obsessions are a characteristic of the disorder and Kate has had various obsessions throughout her life, foreign languages being the latest and most long lasting. (She has studied various languages over the last several years and speaks Japanese and Indonesian)

Kate's birthday cake was a plain old madeira cake as per her request. The rest of the family did enjoy a more traditional birthday cake! We are not big on parties but birthdays always involve getting together as a family and sharing cake. As fitting to the occasion Kate and I shared a Midori cocktail. I'm not sure she was impressed. I suppose she will eventually find an alcoholic drink she does enjoy but I trust she has enough sense to drink responsibly.

I wish for my darling daughter as I do for all
sunshine in your shadows (Happy Birthday darling)


  1. What a lovely tribute to Kate - I know exactly what you are saying about How did that happen - I remember asking mine - "Where was I when it was all happening?" and my younger daughter said "you were the one driving the car." I guess that is true.
    Enjoy every moment of your precious girl.

    Love and hugs,

  2. oh Linda and Helen I can relate to that when my daughter maried three weeks ago......I said to my husband she is to young to marry and what happenned to the time ...he reminded me she is 3 years older than me when i married to me she will always be 5