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Sunday, December 5, 2010

A jolly good read!

Looking for a great book to read over the holidays? I was recently given a copy of "The Forgotten Garden" by Kate Morton. Reading the blurb on the back of the book I wasn't sure it would be my cup of tea but I thought I would read a chapter or two and see if it engaged me. My usual reading of choice consists of psychological thrillers, fantasy and science fiction. This book is part mytery, part romance and ....something undefinable.

This is no longer a new book, I believe Kate Morton has a new title out. (mental note to follow that up)
The Forgotten garden enchanted me from the start to the finish. This was a novel I did not want to put down and I was positively devastated when it had to end with the final page of the book! (and yes there were tears)
An apparently abandoned child on the eve of war, family secrets, an inheritance and a forgotten garden all combine to make this a totally entrancing and intriguing story that will bewitch you to the very last page!
It's a difficult book to categorise but it doesn't really matter. It's a jolly good read and I say you won't be disappointed if you pick up a copy. Happy reading!
wishing you sunshine in your shadows

I found Kate's website:


  1. Thank you Helen for this information I shall be on the look out for it and put it on my "must read" list. Love and hugs, Linda. xx

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  2. Thanks Linda I shall certainly check out goodreads.I devour books so am always on the lookout for something new to read. You will love The Forgotten Garden. Kate Morton is a talented writer and I do plan to read her other books.