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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Anything but turkey....

Christmas is over and the year is drawing to a close. I'm not sure about anyone else but I am getting sick of eating the Christmas leftovers. It's a case in point of the adage that all is good in  moderation. I asked my better half to pop out for pizza the other night as I wanted anything but turkey for dinner. I'm making mental notes about the quantities of food left over and what we can cut back on next Christmas. Leftovers are yummy for about a week and then just like the tree after Christmas, the gloss wears off.
It is a little strange how the tree and the decorations just don't seem to have the same sparkle once Christmas Day is gone. Looking around the room everything just looks a little forlorn. Traditionally I take my tree and decorations down on New years day so I can enjoy them for a few days yet. Forlorn or not they still contain that tiny seed of Christmas spirit that touches the child within me!
wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. Helen - this is a lovely practical and honest post - I love the left overs but it wears a bit thin doesn't it ? My tree will be staying up until I gather the energy or the inclination to take it down.

    It nurtures the child in me too to hang on to the Christmas spirit. I love reading your blog.

    Love and hugs, Linda.

  2. Thanks Linda, yes everyone here is fed up with turkey sandwiches lol. I always feel guilty about the excess food when I know so many are going hungry.

    I may well take a week or two to pack Christmas away.This year I have decided to try to slow down a little and enjoy each day as it comes.After all what does it matter if the decorations are still up in a week or two or even more? I know you of all people understand what I am saying.
    hugs xx