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Friday, December 3, 2010

Quilled snowflakes

I love trying different crafts but I'm a bit of a jack of all trades, master of none!
A few weeks ago I finally decided to try quilling. Whilst my efforts are not perfect enough to satisfy an expert in the craft I was quite pleased with my results.
I used scrapbooking paper which is a little on the heavy side but I found it easy to work with.
I experimented with 1/4 inch strips and 1/8 inch strips and although I liked the effects of both the 1/8th inch strips gave a finer more delicate look.
My first efforts were pretty terrible but it only took me a few hours to master basic skills.
If you decide to have a go at this I suggest buying a metal quilling tool. I started out with a plastic one but changed to a metal one and found it gave much better results.
There are a number of quilling tutorials on utube or you can take a look at one of these:

Here are a couple of photos of my snowflakes.
I sprayed them with adhesive and sprinkled them with fine white glitter to finish. Unfortunately the glitter does not show up well in the photos.
Wishing you sunshine in your shadows


  1. Thanks Nic I was pleased with the results even though I know they aren't perfect. I'm thinking about making a whole bunch next year for my white Christmas tree.

  2. Helen, I just loved the star - It is just beautiful. Even my 19yo daughter was impressed and picked out the hearts in the cetree - hard to impress 19yo - so well done.

  3. Thanks Ros.The first 2 I made I copied a pattern from online then I experimented a bit and made up my own patterns. The hardest bit was getting the lengths of paper just right but it didn't take long to get the right size for the size of the flake I wanted to make.