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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Growing your own...

Vegetables that is! I took a stroll around our garden yesterday and snapped a few shots of our vegetable beds.
I am hoping that the locust plague will stay away from us. Our vegetable plots are doing very nicely and the thought that we might lose all our delicious home grown produce is well damned annoying to be polite about it LOL! I can only imagine how terrible it is for the commercial food producers who have already lost their crops to this pesky insect plague. I have decided at the first sign of a locust I will pick everything I possibly can and freeze it. It just isn't the same as strolling out to pick fresh as you need it though.
Do you grow your own?
wishing you sunshine in your shadows

bunny heaven! Our carrot patch

vegetable plot 2 with my beloved trying to keep out of the photo (he prefers to remain anonymous)


  1. Your plots look wonderful!! I am going to garden again this coming spring. I did not have the ability to do so last spring due to my youngest being so ill through most of spring to fall. I can't wait to eat our tasty tomatoes and fresh to grow squash and melons as well as a huge herb garden..mmm..fresh basil and dill :)

  2. c0smic thank you for stopping by! I hope your youngest is in better health now. Nothing beats home grown tomatoes! We were a little late getting ours in this year so they are just fruiting now.Unfortunately will probably have to buy tomatoes for Christmas eating. Most of our lettuce bolted due to the weird weather conditions we have had this season but everything else is coming along nicely.Do you have a blog at all? If so leave me a link and I will pay a return visit.