Sunshine in my shadows

Welcome to sunshine in my shadows. This blog is my space to share all the stuff that makes up my every day life. Family, friends, crafts, recipes, books and all the little things that add 'sunshine to my shadows'. We all have a sprinkling of sunshine and an equal sprinkling of shadows in our lives. Hopefully you will find more sunshine than shadows to read about here and on the days when shadows fall, know that the sunshine is peeking just around the corner!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Playing domestic goddess....

I've been running around like a mad woman for a couple of days, finishing up last minute Christmas preparations. Like  most women I suspect. Actually I have been much better organised this year in part due to the wonderful online group I belong to Aussies crazy about Christmas.Gifts all done and wrapped I bought all my ingredients for my baking yesterday and spent the better part of this afternoon making yummy things for us to have at Christmas.

I used to bake all the time but haven't in a while. I let my pantry run down and it is expensive to buy a lot of ingredients all at once. However perhaps in keeping with the new start in a new home I have been feeling somewhat domestic this week and my grocery bill reflects it! So for a little while at least I can pretend to be a real domestic goddess and impress my family with my culinary skills. Ok ok so I'm getting a little carried away here. Truth is I'd never make a domestic goddess I'm far too relaxed and easy going. Some would say lazy but I prefer to think positive! ;)

Sharing piccies below of the treats I have made so far.Unfortunately the choc truffles look a bit like doggie doo since I couldn't find my piping tube and had to use a plastic zip loc bag with the corner cut off. I usually pipe these with a star tube so they look nice. I still plan to make Buckeyes and choc peanut butter fudge if I can find time tomorrow.

Wishing you sunshine in your shadows and choc chips in your cookies
~ choc brandy truffles, white choc lemon truffles and rum balls~


  1. Lovely blog Helen - I wish so much happiness for you and yours - a strawberry in your champagne, a star in your sky, a song in your heart, a smile on your lips and compassion in your soul. Have a wonderful Christmas - love and hugs, Linda.

    Goodies look great.

  2. Linda thank you so much for coming to read my heart, for being such a warm and caring friend.
    I wish you the Merriest Christmas ever as you celebrate life with your family and loved ones.
    Thank you for the sunshine you bring to my shadows. Hugs xxxx